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Dixon Labrador Retrievers

Lily and her best friend, Lucy



Announcing Spring 2015 Litters...

April 2015 Litters Coming out of:

Dixon's Snow White Izzibella (Crème and Light Yellow Litter)
Dixon's Columbia River Midnight (Black Litter)

See more info on FACEBOOK or call us to get on the reservation list - Already started 509-901-1586

Pricing for Izzi x Bucky litter will be $1,000 limited registration and $1,200 full registration w/2 year health guarantee.

Pricing for Midnight x Bucky litter will be $800 limited registration and $1,000 full registration w/2 year health guarantee.

Elena hunting 2013

This is Dixon's Ridge View Elena of Dickendall and Dixon's BW Tiger Murray announce the upcoming late summer litter of very blocky, black and yellow pointing babies. Elena is an undiluted, traditional English Labrador Retriever. She has absolutely perfect conformation, and a very blocky head, square jaw, and thick boned. She is an absolute beauty. Did we mention she is an AVID, VERY DRIVEN hunter. She loves the water, loves to retrieve, and loves to snuggle. She is calm, easily trained, and very smart. Her parents have every health clearance available. Both parents on site and both are incredible athletes, as well as family members.


Male or Female $1,000 limited or $1,200 full registration

Give us a call 509-901-1586 or 509-901-1704 to reserve one of these precious puppies.

Before pick-up date they will be UTD on shots, vaccinations, retrieving, dew claws removed, and well socialized/loved.

All litters sired by Dixon's BW Tiger Murray

aka Bucky

His babies all point and are proving to be "Extreme" hunters

and exceptional family members.


What our wonderful families have to say.......

Thank You.

To the many WONDERFUL families who've sent us letters and pictures this holiday season, as well as the continued updates and pictures. We are blessed with the many new friends we've made and look forward to continuing to see our babies as they grow and accomplish great things. We didn't have room for all the pictures and letters, we will be putting them all up a few at a time!!

This is Ty Biggs...his family lives in Seattle, WA

Ty Biggs - Summer 2011

Ty is expecting a brother or sister....very soon.

And here is Ty's new Brother.......Bo!!!

Bo is out of Izzi and Bucky



Polar and Baby Kyndel

Polar lives in Seattle, WA with Mike, Kelli, and baby Kyndel Simonson

Polar and Kyndel 2011


This is Gracie....

Gracie lives in Port Gamble, WA with Aaron O'Brien

Gracie O'Brien 2011


Jacob Pollack

Lives in Seattle, WA with the Pollack family


Dear Michelle-Dixie is such a wonderful dog! She is doing well with bird retrieving and Dave took her out to a pheasant club last weekend and started her on the "red birds". She also takes trips to the dog park daily in order to socialize and we love it when she comes home so tired! Yesterday we went to San Francisco and took her to the beach at Crissy Field, just under the Golden Gate Bridge. I have attached a few photos of her.  Dixie at the Beach_3 shows Alcatraz Island in the background.

Hope you are doing well...we are watching the web site for the announcment of your new puppies!

Nadine Davi

Dixie in San Jose, CA

Update on Dixie............

Dixie Davi in San Jose,California

November 12, 2011

Dear Michelle-Dave asked me to check in with was opening day of pheasant season in California. Dave and Dixie drove up to some rice fields outside of Sacramento with only about an hour to hunt. Dixie locked up on a fabulous point and the attached photo is proof that Dave can shoot and Dixie loves to retrieve!

All is well with us and we hope you and your family are busy with lots of puppies!

Nadine Davi


I just wanted to write and give you an update on Bailey.  She is doing very well.  She's healthy and having a great time with her sister Xena.  They are getting along great.  Bailey has been spayed and it all went well without any complications, so that was good.  She weighs around 60 pounds now and is growing into a beautiful dog.  We went snowshoeing yesterday and the dogs had a blast playing in the snow.  That's all, I just wanted to let you know that she's happy and doing very well.  Thanks.

Josh Martin



I took my girls out for first time together at about 6 mos old and it was like we had been hunting together for ten years! They found a lot of mice and stuff and got 3 pheasant up! I could see the great breeding in them right away! I am not doing any formal training yet because I wanted to make sure they just have a great time to begin with. Really,I could get away without training for upland birds because they are naturals. Next season I will have them ready for ducks as well as upland. Couldn't have gotten a better pair of hunting and family dogs THEY ARE GREAT!!

Mario Madrigal - Kalama,WA


It's been 5 months since we got Ruger from you, and I just wanted to share a picture of him with you! He is gorgeous, smart and FULL of energy! What a change he has made to our lives, and I can't imagine our lives without him. Everyone that meets him immediately falls in love!

Thanks again! Happy Holidays!

Trisha and Keith Duncan

10/19/2012 Update:

Michelle, I wanted to share with you a recent pic of Ruger (2 weeks ago hiking with us in the Sierra's) ... for the last 2 1/2 years he has been the greatest addition to our family! & We couldn't have asked for a better dog!



Thank you Mohns Family, and Jaeger

(their new addition with the red bow)


Your puppy and what to expect:

At 7wks your pup will be retrieving bird wings, well socialized, most will already be pointing, and ready to take to the next level.  


Are they Birdy????

Every one of these pups is VERY BIRDY and has been

introduced to various types of bird scent.

They go nuts!! That's what we like to see.

Some Basic Training Makes a

World of Difference...

2008 pup out of Bucky

We work with the pups from the time they can walk to strengthen their basic drive, as well as get them used to a starter pistol and water. We work only with live birds or bird wings.

But, No Training will Replace So Much Natural Instinct...

They either HAVE IT, or they don't.

A dog with so much natural instinct is just going to love to hunt. These pups are already packing the goose wing around the pen.

They have so much desire, and they love every minute of it.

What's been happening with the parents?

Bucky Starts Training for APLA

Pointing Certification, and Hunt Tests....

This fall/winter will find Bucky going into his formal training to acheive his pointing certification, and continuing on for his hunt tests. We are excited to see how he does, we know he's an awesome hunting dog...but it will be nice to have some titles on his name. It would be ashame to waste so much talent. Once he's acheived his will be back to hunting with the family.

Introduction to our family of dogs

Our family is very excited about showcasing our great labs. From yellows to chocolates to blacks, we have lots of color. Most importantly, we provide labs of great physical, mental and psychological quality. Our dogs are all great family dogs and are bred for their gentleness, calmness, natural instincts and ability to produce great hunters. Our babies have shown the natural ability to point upland game birds as well as great instincts for retrieving waterfowl. We are very happy about the return business that we get, the letters, recommendations and many happy families.

Dixon's BW Tiger Murray (AKA Bucky) DNA# V552163, OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal. He is a BIG, yellow BLOCKY headed male, with a thick otter tail, and chocolate points. Bucky is about as birdy as they come. For Bucky, pointing came very naturally at a very young age, and he has been pointing ever since. He has been incredibly easy to train and is a wonderful family dog who shines at both waterfowl and upland bird hunting. Often, you will find Bucky doing a morning waterfowl hunt, then tracking out through an open field to point some birds - all in the same day. Out of the Trieven line of pointing labs, including Trieven Twist and Shout, Tiger Mtns Ty Murray. He is unbelievable in stature and manners. Bucky is medium to large in build, nice big blocky head, has nice bone structure and can carry a large goose with ease. Bucky has sired some incredible hunting dogs, from yellows, blacks, to chocolates. ALL of them POINT, and have shown to have a very natural, aggressive love for hunting. Yet, calm and collected at home. The perfect lab if you ask me!! Hips, and elbow clearances have been completed with excellent results!! Bucky has been DNA'd and is chocolate factored. Official results can be seen for Bucky's pedigree at !!

Arlington's Yella (AKA Abby), OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal. She is a yellow female, who is very attentive and loves the family. She is a wonderful mother and has beautiful litters of big, blocky headed pups that love to hunt and are also awesome family members. She is out of the Black Forest line of pointing labs. She is trained for upland birds and points like crazy. Expect her babies to have a strong point as well. Abby is medium size in build, with a thick otter tail and smiles at all of her friends.  Abby's hips good, elbow clearances normal. Official results available online at

Dixon's Columbia River Midnight  (AKA Midnight) is a medium size, black female and is such a deep, beautiful black that she shimmers almost blue, with a perfect solid build, thick otter tail, and nice blocky head. She comes from the Trieven line of pointing labs (Trieven Classical Jazz, Trieven JazzTime).  But, most importantly...she is the absolute SMARTEST DOG we have ever seen, anywhere. She has an INCREDIBLE drive for hunting and is ALL BUSINESS in the field. She won't quit until she has found the bird for us and we swear...she understands everything we tell her. We can't say enough about her, you are welcome to come meet her for yourself - you will be amazed as well. She has required minimal training in the field, and just seems to intuitively know what we expect out of her. WOW! Cool dog to own. Her first litter of pups are already hunting and their families are more than excited about their abilities. We are expecting to have some EXTREMELY happy families purchase her babies. Midnight's official hips good, elbows normal. Available online at

Dixon's Snow White Izzibella (AKA Izzi) is medium to large in size, ivory white colored, absolutely gorgeous female with a thick otter tail. Her coat is as soft as down feathers and she is such a head turner. Izzi is so extremely kind and gentle, with no mean bone in her body. She is naturally birdy, loves water and loves to retrieve. A perfect combination of elegant beauty and athlete. Her babies range from snow white to light yellow and all have nice black points. Izzi is calm and easy to train, with almost human like intelligence at times. She anticipates what we are going to want and watches us for our expressions. This makes for such a great family companion as well as extreme hunting partner. Izzi had preliminary OFA checks on her hips and elbows. Results from her final OFA checks will be available online at as well as the dogs on her pedigree.

Dixon's Ridge Views Elena of Dickendall (AKA Elena) is a medium black female. Her English lines include a sire who was titled International Show Champion in 2010 and a mother who comes from a long line of champion show dogs. Elena is incredible. She is sweet and loves to be with her family. She has her fathers comformation and head and is INCREDIBLY BIRDY. She is an avid bird dog and loves to be in the duck/goose blind. She is not a pointing lab but is a tremendous bird dog. We expect that all of her babies out of Bucky will point as well. Either way they will be incredible hunters as well as gorgeous enough to win show titles. Her babies will be limited registration unless other arrangements have been made. Her parents have just about every health clearance available. She has had preliminary OFA but will be receiving her final clearances this winter. Results from her final OFA checks will be available online at as well as the dogs on her pedigree.

Coming soon....Elena our black female out of 2010 International Show Champion Ridge Views Ace Hi Flush O' Queens. Her first litter is scheduled for November, 2014. Reserve list has started!!

Visit the "Our Dogs" page and see our family of dogs and their pedigrees.

Thanks for visiting us and feel free to give us a call with any questions!!!

Rob, Michelle, Hunter and Tana Dixon

509-901-1586 Michelle cell

509-901-1704 Rob cell

** All Deposits are non-refundable but will be transferred to future litters. Exception if we are unable to provide the puppy gender/color that deposit was put on.**

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